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 Foro: Seguridad Informática   Tema: How to install Norton on Kindle Fire?

Publicado: 15 Jul 2019 12:52 

Respuestas: 0
Vistas: 11

Installing Norton antivirus on your Kindle Fire helps protect your device whenever you need to connect to the internet. You can follow Norton on Kindle Fire: • Step 1: Open the browser on your Kindle Fire and go to the Google Play Store. • Step 2: Look for Norton Security software and click the 'Dow...

 Foro: Seguridad Informática   Tema: How to fix AVG not responding?

Publicado: 22 Jun 2019 13:09 

Respuestas: 0
Vistas: 90

Whenever you find that AVG is not responding you can follow the steps given below to fix your installation using the AVG Setup wizard: Step 1: Log in as administrator and open the Apps and Features menu. Step 2: Select your version of AVG Antivirus and press ‘Uninstall.’ Step 3: If the User Account ...

 Foro: Seguridad Informática   Tema: How to resolve McAfee errors while installing updates?

Publicado: 14 May 2019 12:37 

Respuestas: 0
Vistas: 218

Regularly updating your McAfee software ensures that your system has the latest protection and security features. You can use the suggestions mentioned below to troubleshoot errors while installing updates for McAfee: • Step 1: Edit the firewall settings so that McAfee can easily install updates • S...

 Foro: Seguridad Informática   Tema: Renew Norton antivirus with Product Key

Publicado: 09 Abr 2019 11:34 

Respuestas: 0
Vistas: 102

A Norton antivirus security is always protected your computer. It’s necessary, you must renew your subscription plan before the trial or subscription period ends. Here is the step to renew Norton antivirus with product key: • Open Norton, go to device security and then open it. • Go to the Norton pr...

 Foro: Seguridad Informática   Tema: Norton VPN Will not Connect - How to Fix

Publicado: 26 Mar 2019 10:41 

Respuestas: 1
Vistas: 154

If Norton VPN will not connect, make sure when you turn on Norton Secure VPN, your device is also turned on. If you still see that problem, follow these steps: • Configure VPN settings • Open launch Settings - VPN Settings • Secure VPN Check is listed and selected. • Press the status indicator to co...

 Foro: Seguridad Informática   Tema: What are the common McAfee download and installation issues?

Publicado: 13 Mar 2019 12:40 

Respuestas: 0
Vistas: 165

McAfee is a comprehensive security solution for your computer. Here are some of the issues you may encounter when you are trying to download McAfee for the first time: • Download fails with error in the network connection • McAfee serial number or product key is invalid • The McAfee download is taki...

 Foro: Seguridad Informática   Tema: Bitdefender is not scanning. What to do?

Publicado: 05 Mar 2019 13:31 

Respuestas: 0
Vistas: 118

If you Bitdefender antivirus software is not scanning then there can be two main reasons behind it: • Previously installed Bitdefender was not removed complexly or due to faulty installation of the software • If you are having any other Security Solution installed on your system rather than one. In ...

 Foro: Seguridad Informática   Tema: How to fix the issue of Norton unable to connect to the serv

Publicado: 28 Feb 2019 13:32 

Respuestas: 0
Vistas: 150

If you have seen a display message stating that, ‘Norton is unable to connect to the server’, you must not panic and stay calm. It is a really common issue and can be fixed by applying troubleshooting steps. Just check the steps given below, execute them and if none of them works, then the service o...

 Foro: Seguridad Informática   Tema: How to Disable McAfee firewall?

Publicado: 20 Feb 2019 12:29 

Respuestas: 0
Vistas: 150

The McAfee firewall is a security system designed to check the incoming and outgoing traffic network traffic on your computer. The firewall acts as a barrier to detect and block threats to your device. But sometimes the firewall can be an obstacle especially when you are trying to update or install ...

 Foro: Seguridad Informática   Tema: How to disable panda security firewall?

Publicado: 11 Feb 2019 11:27 

Respuestas: 0
Vistas: 165

For disabling the Panda Security Firewall in your system users need to follow the below-mentioned steps: •Open the Panda antivirus •Now click on Status and then in the protection section you need to click on Settings •Here locate the Firewall and tap on it. •You need to clear the checkbox of ‘ Enabl...
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